Edgartown class goes in search of history


Edgartown Elementary School enrichment teacher Sue Costello and some of her students will participate in a multi-generational project to locate, photograph, and research all the historical plaques in Edgartown. Once completed, they will publish their final report and develop a community scavenger hunt.

Members of the Edgartown Free Public Library, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and the Edgartown Council on Aging (Anchors) will also participate. Presently, about 20 historical plaques in Edgartown have been identified and photographed.

Island residents may help by reporting the name, location, and any background knowledge of historical plaques in Edgartown, or by helping students research information related to each plaque. Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact Edgartown Library Director Jill Dugas Hughes via e-maildirector@edgartownlibrary.org or phone at 508-627-4221. Questions may be directed to library trustee Herb Foster, 508-627-7456 or e-mail herblf@comcast.net.