Thanks and please root for us


To the Editor:

The high school girls lacrosse team will be traveling to England over spring vacation. This will be a trip to remember, as the girls will play five games abroad, stay with host families at each school, and enjoy many of the wonderful sights in England while on tour.

We thank all of the families, friends, and Island businesses that have made this trip possible. We had a very successful pasta dinner at the P-A Club last week that helped us fundraise for our tour.

The team’s coaches and all the players thank the following Island organizations for donating food and auction items: Island Food Products, P-A Club, MV Florist, Cash and Carry, Stop & Shop, Cronig’s, Yoga Barn, Boneyard, Vineyard Propane, Fullin and Bettencourt Plumbing and Heating, Black Dog, Vineyard Vines, Island Source, and RE/MAX.

Please wish us luck as we compete internationally, representing your Vineyard. Go Vineyard girls lacrosse.

Betsy Dripps

Head Coach, Girls Lacrosse