Aquinnah: an orchestra of pinkletinks


Pinkletinks, pinkletinks. I heard them all over the woods surrounding my house last weekend and they are making me very happy. Earlier last week I heard one or two sporadically or when driving in the car I would become convinced that I heard them (faintly) and I would make everyone be quiet and roll down the windows so I could check and I was pretty sure that I heard them. But now there is a veritable orchestra of them outside our house and they are peeping away day and night. If you had said to me before I moved here that the sound of tiny frogs peeping would become one of my favorite sounds I would have said that you were crazy. After spending several winters here, though, I say, “Of course it is one of my favorite sounds because it truly means that spring is here”.

The town will be having a retirement party for Marjorie Spitz this Friday, April 11. Come by the Old Town Hall at 5:30 pm. Please bring a dish to share. Feel free to bring your best Margie stories as well or just come by and say thank you to Margie for all her years of service to the town as accountant.

In celebration of spring and Easter Elise LeBovit will be holding her annual egg hunt at the Duck Inn on Easter Sunday at 1 pm. You can come to the inn this weekend to help decorate some of the 400 eggs that will get hidden from 1 to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Juli Vanderhoop apparently has too much free time on her hands as she is running for Selectman. Beverly Wright’s term is up and Juli, after much internal and external debate, is going for it. Good luck, Juli!

There is money from the Community Preservation Committee to upgrade the equipment and perhaps even expand the playground in Aquinnah. Jamie Vanderhoop, Kathy Newman, Derrill Bazzy, Curtis Langer, and I all walked around behind Town Hall to look at space where the playground could be expanded and talked about what kind of equipment we would like to see on the playground. As there has been a baby boom of late, I urge all parents to weigh in on this topic. Jamie is putting together a survey that will be available at the library about what parents would like to see on the town playground.

Skyler Ignacio-Cameron starred as Peter Pan this past weekend at the M.V. Public Charter School’s production of “Peter Pan.” By all accounts he was terrific and really brought the role to life. His brother, Riley, was the stage manager and did a fine job of keeping everything organized and safe backstage. Their mother, Ona, is so proud of them. Aquinnah native, Violet MacPhail was a fairy in the production and her sister, Olive, helped with the snack bar. Riley will be turning 12 this Sunday and he will be celebrating off Island this Friday at a Celtics game.

7a has reopened for the season, and a whole slew of stores and restaurants reopen next month, but right now it is nice to see Nonie and Dan and their hard-working crew back behind the counter.

A fond farewell to Chilmark columnist Katie Carroll. We frequently compared column notes on the Chilmark School playground and let each other know when our columns didn’t come off quite the way we had hoped (or weren’t quite on time). Thank you for all your service to your community, Katie. I will miss reading your thoughts every week.