Poets’ Corner: Poor Egg Heart at Holy Days


Here hangs poor shell-less Egg Heart,

vulnerable and fragile,


supported only by her membrane

just above her shattered, yet familiar

prison shell,

disassembled in chaos below.

She waits for new forms,

not like shells or prisons,

seeking them, sometimes

in the wrong places,

such as in the soft, dark eyes

of pretend lovers and friends.

Poor silly Egg Heart!

She shocked her own shell open!

Now she shivers out

her skinless days alone —

sucking her seeds back up

into dry shriveled memories

of soft, warm times

before shells

and prisons.

Jo Scotford Rice moved to Martha’s Vineyard with her family during the winter of 1965. She kept a daily journal and first wrote poetry at age 10. She died Christmas day 2013.