So much hard work


To the Editor:

The Friends of the Mill Pond thank the West Tisbury selectmen’s Committee on the Mill Pond for their hard work over the past six years on behalf of the maintenance and care of the town owned Mill Pond. The committee members, Bob Woodruff (chairman), Anna Alley, Barbara Day, Kent Healy, Rez Williams, and Craig Saunders have volunteered countless hours and effort studying the two town consultant reports concerning the state and future of the Mill Pond, conducting in situ testing, deliberating, and advocating.

Regretfully, their efforts to date were not supported by West Tisbury voters at town meeting which narrowly defeated the Community Preservation Act committee’s request for funding the next step toward restoring the Mill Pond. Nonetheless, their dedication and commitment deserve to be recognized and praised.

On behalf of the Friends of the Mill Pond,

Barbara de Braganca

Margo and Tony McClellan

Beatrice Nessen

West Tisbury