Too big


To the Editor:

First, go down to the Tisbury Stop & Shop and look at the height pole set up for us all to see. This took them over three months to erect after numerous promises. Now imagine that height extending from Water Street to Cromwell Lane. Then from the parking lot along Water Street to the south side of the Chinese restaurant building. The perspective from up close or from the SSA is dauntingly overwhelming.

Second, the farce about the memorandum the Tisbury selectmen signed is that Ahold and S&S New England profits every year in the hundreds of millions. What is $1.165 million spread out over ten years compared to the hundreds of millions in profit they are making? It’s $116,500 a year. In that sum, where are the real items of town necessities addressed.

The traffic solution? A single traffic officer costs more than 30 grand a year. Two are going to be needed. Third, seriously look at the impacts that unbiased professionals have informed us, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC), the selectmen, and with articles in the newspaper. These are not S&S paid contractors.

Fourth, when dealing with the selectmen, MVC officials and others, who have voices of authority, their speech is not always the full truth. Many times their voices exaggerate and/or manipulate facts. Get the information and form your own opinions, not ones that are being spoon-fed. This information is free and available online. Fifth, the S&S could have gone directly to the MVC, skipping over the town mitigation. But in doing so the S&S would have had to get approval afterwards from the town of Tisbury, to have all their entrances onto what is conceptually private property (municipal parking lot). As of today there are no easements or licenses from the town of Tisbury to the S&S allowing for this trespassing.

Here are things to inform yourselves on:

1. The incredible mass of over 48,964 sq. ft. mass.

2. The loss of downtown green space.

3. The possible loss of the historic Prouty House.

4. Traffic flows off and on season in downtown V.H. and Water Street.

5. No pedestrian safeguards alongside the proposed store.

6. The Coastal Flood Zone.

7. Monopolizing the town parking lot to the disadvantage of the Main Street retailers and we Islanders to pick up friends and family from the SA Ferry.

8.Tractor trailer trucks in and out of the town parking lot (private property).

This is a huge project and uninformed people should speak out once they have investigated the facts. I believe there is a need for a new store, but not maxed out from 16,000 sq. ft. to 48,000 sq. ft.

The Island citizens need to know that this 48,000 sq. ft. project is an off-Island style mall experience and not one that can be architecturally correct for the Island or villages of M.V.

Dana Hodsdon

Vineyard Haven