Forecasts for April 28- May 4, 2014


Island astrologer Arlan Wise shares her astrological forecasts with us each week on Mondays. This column is like a cosmic weather report. It is written for everyone based on the sign the moon is in that day and what the planets are doing. Don’t be confused by the signs. This is not like the usual Sun sign astrology columns you see. Go to and click on How To Read this Column for a full explanation. To arrange a personal reading, phone her at 508-645-9292.

The tension of the month culminates with the powerful solar eclipse on Tuesday, April 29. There’ll be a whole lot of shaking going on, in the world and in your life.

Monday, April 28 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 10:23 am. This is an old moon on the day before a powerful solar eclipse. It’s another day to hold back on initiating new projects. Take it slow and easy. It’s okay to feel tired, so try to take a nap when you can. This is good energy for getting rid of stuff and taking it to the recycling center or thrift store.

Tuesday, April 29 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the new moon and a solar eclipse. Something new is starting which can increase the comfort level of your material world. Spend some time appreciating nature and contemplate the serenity of the earth element that manifests in this season. Plant a tree. Take time for prayer or reciting mantras. It is a spiritually auspicious day when you will receive great benefit from meditation.

Wednesday, April 30 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:53 am until 4:56 pm when it enters Gemini. The energy is still unsettled from yesterday’s eclipse. Do what you need to do during the morning or late afternoon and spend the middle of the day on a long lunch with friends or taking a walk in the woods. Quiet your mind so you can listen to what your inner voice is saying to you.

Thursday, May 1 – Moon in Gemini, VC 7:32 pm. It’s May Day aka Beltane, an ancient day for holding fertility rituals. Keep them symbolic, as this is not a fertile moon for planting. Your mind will be full of good ideas and it is a productive day to put them in action. Feed your curiosity; you’ll need to ask a lot of questions. You have the energy to do two days’ work so do tomorrow’s important tasks.

Friday, May 2 – Moon VC Gemini. Mercury and Saturn urge you to sit and do that writing you have been putting aside. You can research for facts you want to document and have the mental agility to search in various places. Venus enters Aries and she becomes more daring and insists that you add some thrills to your life. She shows you how to have love on your own terms.

Saturday, May 3 – Moon in Cancer. This is the weekend to plant! You won’t find a better time so spend some long hours in the garden and yard. It’s also a prime day to loosen up and make some major changes in your life patterns. Be dynamic in rooting out places where you are stuck and throwing what’s used and outgrown into your psyche’s compost pile.

Sunday, May 4 – Moon in Cancer. Keep on planting. The seeds you plant today will grow well. It’s a day to cook for and feed the family. Gather with as many family members as you can and share happy memories while you eat together. Have an early celebration of Mother’s Day since Cancer moon wants to honor mother.