Poets’ Corner: A Farewell to Mama’s Arms


Oh, how it torments my heartstrings to tie up this chapter

I clench ever so tightly to what will soon be a mother’s memory

As it quickly and ever so surely is fading from my daily routine

What was once around the clock is down to a precious nightcap

As these words delicately drip from my maternal well of wisdom

I fight yet embrace a floodgate of tears entrenched upon my cheeks

So certain to me that this outpour is not a novel nuance of motherhood

Surely an eternal army of women have busted through these levies

How I yearn for a group hug from this soulfully collected congregation

And as I place that prayer into the palm of God I notice something

I sense warmth on my cheeks, a calming carousel around my chest

As providing sustenance to this tiny being blew my maternal mind

And rocked my world back and forth through a thousand lullabies

It too must come to an end where tears dry to pave timeless tracks

Cementing a soulful, cobble stone imprint on a woman and child

But first, a baby girl sobs in harmony with gusts of changing winds

As her mother inhales one final guzzle of gut-wrenching gratitude

It is time for both to be brave and bid farewell to Mama’s arms

Ms. Bryant was a Coast Guard spouse stationed on Martha’s Vineyard from 2009-2011. Some may say they’ve left their heart in the city by the bay, but hers is surely on the Vineyard.