Mother’s Day essay winners honor moms

Matthew Fontaine, an Oak Bluffs School first-grader, with his mom, Becki Fontaine. — Photo by Sydney Mullen

More than 100 Martha’s Vineyard school children participated in the Mother of the Year Contest, part of the Pink and Green Weekend held annually in Edgartown, presented by Edgartown Books. The contest was open to children in grades one through eight from all Island public schools, according to a press release.

The mothers and winning authors were honored at a Mother’s Day brunch hosted by the Harbor View Hotel and Resort.

The winners were Matthew Fontaine, an Oak Bluffs School first grader; Vivian Peak, a third grader at the Tisbury School; Kya Maloney, a sixth grader at the Edgartown School; and Rose Engler, an eighth grader at the Oak Bluffs School.

“My mom writes notes every day for me and puts them in my lunch,” wrote Matthew Fontaine, an Oak Bluffs first grader writing about Becki Fontaine.

“My mom gives money to the poor which I think is generous. Caring is in her heart,” wrote  Vivian Peak, a Tisbury third grader writing about Rachel Cox.

“My mom is my life, and the life of many people around her. She brings sunshine when all there is is rain,” wrote Rose Engler, an eighth grade Oak Bluffs student writing about Sharon Engler.

“I love you, she hums to me,”  Kya Maloney, a sixth grade, Edgartown student wrote about Sam Crom.

All essays are available to read at Edgartown Books, located on Main Street in Edgartown.