All I ask


To the Editor:

I apologize for repeating myself.

It is hard to understand why current town officials still insist that I should have put the quilt fund money into town hall. I was told by the previous town accountant, Paul Manzi, that the quilt fund was not a town entity.

He urged me to open a private Quilt Fund for Fuel Assistance in the Edgartown National Bank. So I did. It is as simple as that.

The only connection with the Council on Aging (COA) was that they welcomed me to hold our private quilting sessions there. We have been there since 1997.

The previous town administrators knew and gave us their blessing. So did all the previous COA directors.

The OBPD found that no larceny took place. The off-Island auditor, Mr. Sullivan, found that no larceny took place.

My account might have included some “sloppy” notetaking. That is in pencil on the odd piece of paper. But monthly bank records were always scrupulously kept.

We have worked very hard, making and awarding beautiful quilts to 18 lucky winners — yes, some years we made two quilts.

We also have made children’s quilts for the Red Stocking Fund each year at Christmas, quilts distributed to the homeless by Father Rob at Grace Church, quilts for Windemere annual fundraising auctions, etc. We have loved having the knowledge that many people have benefited from this project.

I hope the horrible events over the last three and a half months will cease, soon. It is difficult each week, now, as more of our summer quilters are returning for the summer. I have to go through the whole sordid business and try to explain to them what has happened.

All I ask is that Roger be reinstated as the COA director.

Glenna Barkan

Oak Bluffs