Real Estate Transactions: May 19 – 23, 2014



May 19, Nancy B. Glimcher, trustee of Glimcher Investment Trust, sold 211 and 211 B Middle Rd. to Anne Rudner for $950,000.

May 22, Gwen S. Bainier sold 20 Pinkletink Rd. to Ralph G. Seferian for $700,000.


May 20, CF House Inn LLC sold 22 North Water St. to Charles C. and Anne Tamer Hajjar, trustees of 22 North Water Street Realty Trust, for $3,050,000.

May 21, Storm and Debra Field sold 25 Old Farms Trail to Ellen A. and Edwin W. Harley, trustees of the Amended & Restated Edwin W. Harley Revocable Trust, for $650,000.

May 21, Robert J. Fiske sold 12 Night Heron Rd. to Joan W. Norton for $515,000.

May 22, Robert H. Clay sold 308 Chappaquiddick Rd. to Karen Langford for $350,000.

May 23, Scott and Denise Meserve sold 9 Sparrow Lane to Heather McQueen for $520,000.

Oak Bluffs

May 19, Sylvia M. Rhone sold Lot 1 Atlantic Ave. to John and Lisa Regan for $470,000.

May 20, Stepehn W. Carr Jr. and Shayna Seymour Carr, a/k/a Shayna S. Carr sold 21 and 23 Panola Ave. to Charles T. Morris for $660,000.

May 22, Judith Hartford and Thad R. Harshbarger sold 4 Norris Ave. to Claire Phelan and Isiah Phillips for $350,000.


May 20, Sandra L. Healy sold 191 State Rd. to Henry A. and Elizabeth M. Diehl, trustees of the Henry A. and Elizabeth M. Diehl Trust for $519,000.

May 20, Sarah G. Shepard sold 180 Hines Point Rd. to Arthur Randall, 3rd and Lynn M. Randall for $1,650,000.

May 22, Stephen Berlucchi and Patricia Maeve Sheehan sold 99 Summer St. to Jacqueline Noel for $450,500.