Chilmark moderator names alternate Squibnocket Beach plan committee members


Updated 11:30 am Monday, June 16, 2014

Chilmark town moderator Everett Poole has named seven people, all of them active in town government, to a committee that will consider alternatives to the board of selectmen’s proposal to restore Squibnocket beach and provide access via a bridge to the Squibnocket Farms subdivision.

Following a long and emotional debate at the April 28 annual town meeting, voters derailed the plan negotiated by selectmen over the past year to build a bridge, relocate the public parking lot, and add 1,200 feet of new public beach access.

Squibnocket Beach, the parking lot, and the causeway that provides the only access to homeowners in Squibnocket Farms are badly damaged by storms. The town meeting vote called on moderator Everett Poole to appoint the members of the new committee.

Mr. Poole appointed James Malkin as the chairman pro tem for the new committee. Mr. Malkin is the chairman of the Chilmark personnel committee, and a member of the finance committee and town facility use commission.

Also appointed were Steven Flanders, a member of the town human resources board and conservation commission; Allison Burger, a member of the zoning board of appeals who has been active on disability issues; Daniel Greenbaum, a member of the planning board; Jane Slater, chairman of the historical commission; Janet Weidner, a member of the planning board; and Billy Meegan, a builder who has served on a number of town committees.

The committee scheduled its first meeting for Monday, June 16, at 8 am, in the selectmen’s meeting room in town hall. According to the measure passed at town meeting, the committee is to report its results to selectmen and a town meeting, but is under no time constraints to do so.

The original online article incorrectly reported that the committee was to report its findings to selectmen in the fall. This article was corrected to reflect that the committee is under no time constraints.