Tad Gold drafted by the Baltimore Orioles

Tad Gold, who played for the Sharks in their first three seasons, sports his 2013 championship ring. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Tad Gold, a 2010 MVRHS graduate, was drafted Saturday by the Baltimore Orioles in the 35th round of the Major League Baseball Draft, confirmed Sharks general manager Jerry Murphy. He received the news moments before a planned recognition at the Sharks game Saturday night.

Mr. Gold was honored by the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks prior to the start of their scheduled game with the Brockton Rox. He was celebrated for starting for the Sharks for three years, where he played outfield. He was also a Sharks All-Star, but as a recently graduated college senior, Mr. Gold is ineligible to play for the Sharks this season.

Last month, Mr. Gold was named the Division III college player of the year. He played for Endicott College in Beverly.

Mr. Murphy spoke about the moment Mr. Gold found out he had been drafted by the Orioles.

“I was at one end of the field, and he was at the other, and we got the call at the same time,” said Mr. Murphy in a telephone conversation with The Times. “I got called by our commissioner Chris Hall, and I look across the field and I see Tad in total disbelief. We were already about to recognize him and everything. It was a special moment. Hollywood couldn’t have done it better.”

He lauded Mr. Gold’s achievements. “Tad started when we started, I think he was our first run,” he said. “He’s the best defensive outfielder I’ve ever seen: he can get anything.”