Leave the cats alone


To the Editor:

What a shame that all this money, I wonder how much, is going to rid one species in order to save another (May 28, “Fur flies over efforts to protect piping plovers from free roaming cats”). This money from the federal government should be going to protect both species. Each has a right to live their life, including cats. Study and figure out a way to protect the piping plover and leave the cats alone.

If the cats weren’t abandoned and left unneutered and unspayed in the first place by people, we wouldn’t have this problem. It doesn’t matter where the cats came from, they are everywhere, all over the world.

This is the worst solution, to take them out of their home, the only place they know, put them in cages where most of them will be killed. What kind of person does this to innocent creatures? Are we still living in the dark ages? If the human race is so great, we should be doing all we can to help the cats, not put them to death.

This is a complete waste of money, Luanne, you are ruining the lives of the cats and the people who love them.

I am outraged at what she is doing. She needs to study hard the idea of trap, neuter, and release which has done wonders for the cats and people and the environment.

Ashely and Mark Conners

West Tisbury