Cemetery is not a dump


To the Editor:

Remember the controversy created by dumping unsightly, dirty gray sand and debris on the Oak Bluffs town beach? That act was inconsiderate and disrespectful and the Highway Department was forced to remove it.

Fast forward a few weeks. I arrived on the Island on Friday, June 21st. I was happy and energized to return home to the place where I have spent every summer of my life. I had renewed spirit, happiness and anticipation. I always have felt that once I reach the Island, any problems remain on the mainland.

My first stop after driving off the ferry — even before going to my house — was to my

husband’s grave at the Oak Bluffs/Oak Grove Cemetery. My husband, my sister, my grandparents, my aunts, uncles and many dear friends are buried there. Much to my amazement and grief, the beautiful black granite bench and monument to my husband are now coated with gray dirt. Immediately behind his bench and his grave are huge, mountainous piles of the same unsightly gray sand, dirt and debris which was the source of outrage and discontent because it had been dumped at the Inkwell.

The gray dirt and debris, I have now learned, was removed during construction of the drawbridge. All the mess was relocated to the Inkwell and because of the outcry, the mess was removed from the Inkwell and now dumped within three feet of the graves at the Oak Grove cemetery because the town dump would not accept that dirt. The Cemetery Commission was not consulted, according to Jack Law, chairman of the Cemetery Commission.

Using the Oak Grove Cemetery as a dumping ground is the height of disrespect and shows a callous disregard for the dead, and for the living who mourn the loss of their loved ones. Oak Grove Cemetery should not be used as a dumping ground. Whoever was involved in this illegal dumping at the Cemetery should be fined and forced to remove the mess, plant sod/or grass and otherwise beautify the rear area of the cemetery immediately.

Amy R. Goldson

Oak Bluffs