Elizabeth Warren pulls out the pen for admirers at book signing

Photo by Lisa Vanderhoop

Elizabeth Warren supporters and admirers from near and far gathered at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore on Main Street in Vineyard Haven Friday to meet the U.S. Senator and receive a signed copy of her new book, “A Fighting Chance.”

Ms. Warren’s handlers shielded her from press questions. In lieu of the senator, The Times asked gleeful patrons, books in hand, to comment.

Barbara Lerner, age 53, of Amherst

“It was so good to have the opportunity and a minute to talk to her. We wanted to encourage her to continue her fight for American people.”

Arlene, 55, and Meg Rhodes, 16, of Amherst, and Adam Rhodes, 27 of San Francisco, Calif.

“We’re big fans and we’re hoping she’ll run for president. We didn’t have much chance to talk to her– really, we just wanted a picture.”

Grant Llera, 22, of West Hartford, Conn.

“I ran down here as soon I heard she was coming, and I told her that if she ran for president, she’d have my vote. She and Hillary Clinton would make a great team.”

Lois, 67, and Ben Wolkowitz, 68, of Chilmark and Madison, Wisc.

“My husband used to work with the Federal Reserve at D.C. so there was mention of that. We just had 15 seconds to talk to her and she is a delightful woman.”