Bridge report


At the Edgartown Bridge Club at Howes House on Monday, July 7, nine tables were in play.  North-South winners were Cheryl Neal and Dotti Arnold, followed by Duncan Walton and Richard Eubanks in second, Nancy Cabot and Ann Brown in third, and Gerry Averill and Diana Dozier in fourth.  East-West winners were Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft, followed by Carol Whitmarsh and Sari Lipkin in second, Jim Kaplan and Kay Kendall in third, and Isabel and George Shattuck in fourth.

No game was held at the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club due to the Tisbury Street Fair celebration.

At the Island Bridge Club in West Tisbury on Thursday, July 10, nine tables were in play for a Club Championship game. Finishing first Overall were Audrey Egger and Barbara McLagan, followed by David Donald and Michel Riel in second, Ann Brown and Duncan Walton in third, Charlie Harff and Storey Osborne in fourth, and Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft in fifth. Also placing in the North-South direction were Sandy and Michael Lindheimer in third, and Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen in fourth. Also, placing fourth in the East-West direction were Miles Jaffe and Jim Kaplan.

At the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, July 5, seven tables were in play.  Finishing first North-South were Sue Collinson and Ken Judson, followed by Deirdre Ling and Ann Brown in second, and Sunny Brownrot and Stanley Kissel in third. East-West winners were Brooks Robards and Jim Kaplan, followed by Lindsay Eakin and Carol Butler in second, and Tillie Foster and Emily Robertson in third.