Poets’ Corner: Alpacas


Alpacas in the field of grass,

Their soft dense fleece has much mass.

Of alpacas I am a fan,

Whether they are brown or tan.

Their fleece has a chocolaty hue,

From the mountains of Peru.

Their fleece is vibrant, it seems to glow,

As they frolic through the snow.

Alpacas never trip or falter,

As you lead them by a halter.

Of many alpacas, Estrada is higher,

Because of this, he is a herd sire.

Alpacas are the sweetest creatures,

With their funny comical features.

A former Alpaca Discovery Student who visited the Island Alpaca Company last year, 9-year-old Milo Zelle was inspired by the creatures, especially a certain alpaca named Milo.