Poets’ Corner: Fly by Night


A large transport of the first order older than day hovers over the earth

like a stealth bomber programmed to make scheduled or emergency

landings to receive those prepared those surprised a giant vacuum to eliminate the overflow of guests sucking from them their last breath

seizing them gently permitting no more in breaths or out breaths

lifting each one into its maw before the craft soars past school yards

past fields at harvest past the sun setting seemingly slowly

over grasses hardly noticing a chill in the black moonless air

dark intruder dropping carcasses on every continent each sea

not registering myriad dreams souls may have dearly held until this.

Fan Ogilvie, West Tisbury’s second poet laureate, began Promising Young Poets, a poetry contest for high school students, has taken poetry and playwriting into the MV House of Corrections, and works with Summer Festival in Poetry featuring readings by national and local poets.