Intersection indigestion


To the Editor:

One more story about life on an island recounted especially when it’s just one of those things everyone must put up with, like it or not. I love being able to testify how summers on Martha’s Vineyard can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for residents and visitors. I call it “Driveway 2014,” a.k.a. Five Corners and Bird Land, located in Vineyard Haven.

My familiarity with sign language is nil. Nevertheless, I become an expert every season on finger pointing, I can say with utmost certainty through the day, afternoons and evenings, fingers are working overtime.

The intersection is a nightmare for both pedestrians and bikers. Perhaps it should be called “Intersection Indigestion.” Burp! Excuse me.

There are no prescription glasses invented to help, but running shoes are more helpful. Have I ever gotten hit? No! But the daily volume of traffic continues to rise every year. Perhaps a solution is on the way? One way or another, we need one.

Seasonal sign language is not just annoying, it’s increasingly becoming the norm as one travels through this intersection. Although finger pointing lasts a short span of time, it speaks louder than words.

Though Five Corners has acquired many nicknames it should be noted some refer to it as “Bird Land.” Whatever the gestures suggest, it’s a serious threat to the safety of the public, with or without the finger pointing.

Road safety recommendations for Five Corners improvement must be developed and accepted as soon as possible. Why wait any longer? The traffic doesn’t wait.

Chris Bonner

Vineyard Haven