The Adrenaline Music Project at the Y

— Courtesy of Alex's Place

For anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 interested in pursuing a career in music, the Adrenaline Music Project (AMP) is your gig. This program, hosted by Alex’s Place at the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard, rings true to the mission statement of Alex’s place, to help young adults to dream big, offering firsthand knowledge and advice from an incredible group of professionals currently working in the music industry. From performance art to promotional tactics and stagecraft, to sound checking, booking, and studio ethics, students will participate in an array of workshops taught by professionals such as Joanne Cassidy, Ellis Paul, Shun Ng, James Parr, and Barbara Dacey.

Students from last year’s program couldn’t say enough about it. Islander Sarah Dawson said, “I feel excited about the music industry and more secure in the fact that I want to work in the music industry. This week has helped me realize that even if I don’t make it as a performer, I could switch my focus and pursue a different field while still doing what I love.”

Colbeck Leuenberger, another participant in last year’s AMP program, felt similarly, saying, “AMP had made me more confident and feel more natural on stage, and I also learned about different kinds of music that I had never truly experienced before.”

AMP provides an intimate setting, with the program limited to 30 participants. The students not only gain access to five days of in-depth mentoring from award-winning professionals, they also get the option to perform live on two occasions at Alex’s Place outside of the program, a master class and sound check with Ellis Paul, as well as two free tickets to the Ellis Paul Concert on August 16.

For those with music on the mind, don’t miss a beat: sign up for five days of professional mentoring with AMP, August 11–15, now!

AMP, 9 am to 1 pm, August 11‑15. Lunch included. Enrollment fee is $300.

Registration is available at the Y Member Service Desk. For more information, visit, or call 508-696-7171, ext. 128.