Bus stop blues


To the Editor:

I live in Tisbury and have been observing our Island-wide bus system with mild amusement and frustration with regards to where the bus drivers decide is a safe and prudent place to pick up and drop off passengers. With all the Island-wide discussions about traffic problems at Five Corners you would think our selectmen, with the advice of our departments of public works and police departments would come forth with some ideas and decisions on where the buses may stop in critical use traffic corridors. How about no stopping between the intersection of State and Edgartown-Vineyard Haven roads and the Steamship drop-off and not within a minimum of 100 feet after Five Corners traveling towards Oak Bluffs. I have noticed the town of Edgartown has made some much-needed decisions for the safety of the traveling public as to where public buses may pick up or drop off passengers, although more needs to be done. Our bus system is very much needed and supported by most Islanders and as with all public services input from the public to ensure that they may serve us smarter, safer, and better in the future is always appreciated.

Eric Poehler