Home, Isaiah, Home!

Isaiah Maynard rolls back to Martha's Vineyard after 48 days on his bike.

After pedaling 3500+ miles across America, Isaiah Maynard wheeled his bicycle off the ferry MV Island Home on Wednesday, August 6, to the cheers of dozens of friends and family members. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Well before the 11:30 ferry was visible through the hazy midday air on Wednesday, August 6, a crowd had gathered at the Steamship Authority pier in Vineyard Haven to welcome Isaiah Maynard home from his 48-day bike ride across America. Beginning in Washington State, Isaiah rode an estimated 3,500 miles back to the Vineyard.

“He really wanted to get home and see his sister [Willoe Maynard] before she leaves for school,” Isaiah’s father, Hudson Maynard, explained. Willoe, Isaiah’s twin, had four signs welcoming her brother. One was decorated with life-size photos of Isaiah eating various meals throughout his journey, while another, more than 18 feet long, read, “We followed you across America,” and had congratulatory messages scattered across it. As the boat came into view, Hudson handed out an array of noisemakers, which Isaiah’s fans honked and screeched insistently while the boat unloaded.

Isaiah’s girlfriend, Julia, was shaking with excitement as he rode down the ramp and into the crowd. Isaiah dropped his bike to hug his father, family, and friends. When asked what the first thing he planned to do was, Isaiah responded, “I’ll probably unpack my bags and shower. But first I’ve got to bike home.” A fitting end to an incredible journey. Congratulations, Isaiah!

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