Wedding: Abigail Brown and Jared Stobie at Katama Airfield

Airborne thrills, parachutes included.

Abigail Brown and Jared Stobie married at Katama Airfield in Edgartown in June, after their friend, Classic Aviators owner Mike Creato, flew them in on a classic biplane. — Photo by Tim Correira

On Monday, The Times got this great wedding announcement and some intriguing photos:

Mr. James Brown and Mrs. Deborah Brown of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, Abigail, to Jared Stobie, son of Ms. Tania Tilton of Edgartown, Massachusetts and Mr. Timothy Stobie of Tisbury, Massachusetts. The wedding was held at the Katama Airfield in Edgartown on Saturday, June 21st, 2014. The bride and groom were flown in by friend and pilot Mike Creato and were married upon landing. The reception followed under a tent at the airfield.

We wanted to hear more, so we wrote to the bride, Abigail Brown, with a few questions, which she answered by return email:

Jared and I met at MVRHS. He was one of my younger brother’s best friends growing up. His first memory of me was me driving him home from hockey practice. I had just gotten my license and from my perspective, driving my little brother and his friends home was great — as long as I got to drive!

I had learned little about him in the 15 years he had been my brother’s friend. Summer of 2012 I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. My brother suggested I ask Jared. I learned he was a good cook, an avid fisherman, hunter, he knew how to ballroom dance — he had turned into a pretty interesting guy! Above all, we both found value in him having been so close with my brother. They were friends because they shared a lot of the same values and interests. I also share a lot of the same and it has really been effortless. There is a tremendous amount of trust and respect because we both come from the same place — literally and figuratively.

Jared worked for Mike Creato at the airfield in high school and college and went to college for aviation. He got his pilot’s license and a degree in aviation management. The two of us have always had an adventurous side. We first picked the airfield because it was an open and fun environment to have a giant party — and that was our main focus, the celebration. Jared’s mom had suggested we get Mike to fly us away at the end of the night as it would be a really great send-off. Because it would be dark, Mike offered to fly us in instead.

We asked if we could do some tricks — a fly by and barrel roll. Mike said no, and explained to us that we would have to wear the head gear and a parachute in order to do any tricks. Mike thought for sure that I as the bride wouldn’t have any of that. Jared looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and said okay.

We had 120 guests; many were local and helped with the wedding — Lenny Clark and Smoke n Bones provided the catering at a price we could afford — it was amazing. Sandra Alestra, whose daughter Karen Rogers was a bridesmaid and went to MVRHS with us, made and gifted us the most beautiful wedding cake. Cliff Dorr, who works with my mom and Jared’s at the Oak Bluffs school did the photography, along with Tim Correira who also went to MVRHS with us and did some of our photography and wedding video. John Benninghoff, an Island regular, brought his band and they played amazing music all night. Jared’s mom and aunt, Stephanie Rossi — who lives on the Island, did all of the decorations. We had a lot of help from friends and family and ended up with a wedding better than we could have dreamt, especially when considering our budget.

We continued our adventures with a honeymoon in Cancun where we explored caves, went on fishing trips and played in the ocean.