What comic books?


To the Editor:

Regarding the letter to the editor from Andrew Engelman (August 13, 2014), it is my opinion that Mr. Engleman is wrong on virtually every point he makes. He is of course entitled to his opinion, and this forum seems to accommodate everyone, regardless of the accuracy of their information.

I just want to address two of the many points he brought up in his letter.

First, he states, “We had Carl Sagan in the 70s ranting about the ice age coming.” It is true that Mr. Sagan accurately figured out that the earth was entering into a phase in which the normal cycles of our orbit and cycles of the sun, etc., were slowly cooling the planet and would do so over the next 10,000 years or so. But Mr. Sagan was one of the first scientists to publicly and forcefully state that carbon emissions would very quickly override the natural cycles and warm the planet to intolerable temperatures. All you have to do is Google “Carl Sagan on global warming.” I often hear about Mr. Sagan when talking to climate deniers, and  I find it frustrating that they use his name in their arguments. It is disrespectful to the memory of the man, and totally wrong.

Second, he states, “there is plenty of evidence that the globe has not warmed effectively for the last 17 years.” I hear this one frequently from climate deniers, and I wonder what comic books they are reading. They also, with great confidence, often throw in that even the ICPP (International Climate Change Partnership) admits it. They may be reading comic books, but they are not reading the ICCP’s report for 2013, which states right up front that the earth is warming faster than at any time in its history, and that warming is accelerating. The simple fact is that 13 of the warmest 14 years on record have occurred in this century.

And just for people who think locally, out of the 366 days of the year, the record high temperature has occurred 75 times while the record low temperature has occurred only 15 times over the last 17 years in Vineyard Haven.

Don Keller
Vineyard Haven