Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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It’s about listening

To the Editor: Last week I was the co-subject of an article (“The art of civil discourse: Political opposites meet in the middle”) about having...

Listen, with respect and courtesy

To the Editor: Last week, I read the Letter to the Editor (Oct. 9, “Solid evidence needed”) by Andrew Engelman. In his letter, Mr. Engleman...

Oil of no concern

To the Editor: This is a response to a Letter to the Editor by Paul Adler (Sept. 18, “Cape Wind poses a threat”). In his letter,...

What comic books?

To the Editor: Regarding the letter to the editor from Andrew Engelman (August 13, 2014), it is my opinion that Mr. Engleman is wrong on virtually...

Get on with medical marijuana

To the Editor: This is in response to a Letter to the Editor Marijuana dispensary law, not honest or sound, published October 31. I...

Proud to entertain the president

I am proud to have my president visit my community.

‘Swift boating’ the Obamas

I know it is a stereotype that conservatives don't like facts.

All for a few dollars more

I am responding to The Times' recent editorial [State government legislates higher electricity costs, August 3] about the Green Communities Act legislation which is designed to increase the percentage of renewable energy in the state's electrical grid.

Kyklohodophobia [His word]

It seems to me that Americans have had many things to fear in the past decade or so.

Apples and intersections

I have been following the story about the proposed roundabout, and I have been reading the opinions of people both for and against it.