Aquinnah: Ready for school


Happy First Day of school everyone! And happy reopening of Chilmark Chocolates as well. Good luck to all the kids of Aquinnah returning to and starting school including:

Noah Manning (third grade), Olive and Violet MacPhail (third grade), Fyn Monahan (sixth grade at a new school), Yossi Monahan (third grade), Rodeo T. Purves-Langer (second grade), Laina Benoit (third grade), Clyde Smith (fourth grade), Claus Smith (first grade), Menasha Laport (sixth grade at a new school), Coltrane Laport (high school!), Pearl Verachrusye (high school), Ben Booker (high school), Riley and Skyler Cameron. I know there are others I missed and I’m sorry, but I hope all kids have a productive and happy return to school and all parents can get to work without scrambling for daycare.

The Aquinnah Wampanoag Pow Wow is this weekend. It will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Cliffs. The grand entry parade is Saturday at noon. There will be lots of great food provided by Sly Fox. Most of the Aquinnah Tribal members will be dressed up in traditional regalia and there will be much singing and dancing. This is always a great event to end the summer with, and I look forward to it all season.

Roberta Gross’s artwork is part of an exhibit at the Louisa Gould Gallery, at 54 Main Street in Vineyard Haven. It is the 7th Annual Abstract Art Exhibit titled Abstract Vision: The colors and forms behind the everyday.  The show contains the work of nine artists, and Roberta curated the exhibit. On Friday, September 5, at 5pm, Roberta will give a curator’s talk at the gallery. The talk is free and refreshments will be served.

Registration is now open for the Gay Head 10K on Sunday, October 5, at 10 am; you can register at All the money raised will go toward the moving and restoration of our beloved lighthouse. A total of $3,000,000 is needed and a little over half of that has been raised already. Let’s bring this on home, people, and raise the other half.

The same weekend of the 10K, the Living Local Harvest Fest will be held on October 4. Lots of good food and demonstrations from local organizations.

The Menemsha Bike Ferry has been running all summer, and while I would love to have a bike path up Island the Bike Ferry does so much to make biking safer up-Island along with giving people a way to avoid all the crazy hills of Chilmark. Thank you, Huey Taylor, for creating it and Buck Reidy for manning it on weekends and all the other guys that have been making runs back and forth all summer.

With school starting we of course say goodbye to some of our summer friends. The Berkes returned to Toronto on Tuesday, Megan and Seth Woods returned to their home in Boston with their children, as did Cam and Paulina Neely. The Menemsha Market has closed its doors for the season. See you next year everyone.