Chilmark softball ends, attention turns towards next season

The boys and girls of Chilmark softball summer: From left, Keith Heller, Irving Petlin, Mark Levine, Bruce Ekman, Howie Bromberg, Jerry Murphy, Ed and Holly Edgar, and Jason Balaban with daughter, Sophie, on his lap after the last baseball game of the season at Flanders Field. — Photo by Paul Iantosca

The final “official” softball game of the season was played at Flanders Field on Sunday, August 31, followed by Paul Iantosca and Arlen Roth’s traditional Hebrew National hot dog cookout. Last goodbyes were said by team members including Hans Solmnsen, Tony Horwitz, Caleb Caldwell, Paul DiMaura, Joel Bleier, Jay Grossman, Joel Greenberg, William Edgar, Jim Feiner, Mark Friedman, Ted Satler, Larry and Charlie Weiss, and Lynn Puro, among others, provoking both sadness and joy.

“This was an extremely successful year as more new players came by to just drop in and play,” Paul said.

As a wise old philosopher once said, “There is no final game.” Commissioner Bill Edison already looks forward to next summer. Team members still wish the Commissioner, age 90, would get a cell phone and email to stay in touch. You can be sure that now that all the players have an email list, they will be in touch over the off-season. The Flanders Field of Dreams awaits their return.

Come and check out “unofficial” Sunday morning games during September. Anyone wishing to be added to the Chilmark roster list for email game notices may send information to: