Time to unplug Cape Wind


To the Editor:

I read with interest the report on the Fishermen’s Association (Sept. 4, “Two Island fishermen’s groups steer different courses”). It has served its purpose it seems by relinquishing and reversing the opinion of the fishermen to protect Horseshoe Shoal for fish, namely fluke and flounder, and take the promised $1.25 million.

Warren Doty couldn’t disclose the amount because Jim Gordon is “baiting” the Fishermen’s Association with promises that he hasn’t been able to fulfill. I am also a named plaintiff in one of the original lawsuits against Cape Wind because the area of Horseshoe Shoals, originally named a State Marine Sanctuary, was explicitly described as an area sensitive to certain fish species and there was concern that the right whales that frequent the area would be negatively impacted by industrialization of the shoals. Read the report to get the facts.

I flew to Washington, D.C., and in the formal hearing strongly urged the Secretary of the Interior to deny the application to build the Cape Wind project in the middle of the onetime marine sanctuary. I and many others in the hearing who represented the selectmen of Cape Cod towns did not object to the Cape Wind project being sited south of Chappaquiddick nor Nantucket. The only person who objected was Jim Gordon.

How many more lies do we have to endure over this overpriced, soon to cause everyone’s electrical rates to increase, project?

There has been plenty of media spin to make it look half-good. There hasn’t been opposition to the other projects. Rhode Island will have its projects up and running before Massachusetts does. Cape Wind is an ill wind and the public needs to know the truth.

Jim Powell

West Tisbury