Astrological Forecasts: Sept. 15-21


Island astrologer Arlan Wise shares her astrological forecasts with us each week on Mondays. This column is like a cosmic weather report. It is written for everyone based on the sign the moon is in that day and what the planets are doing. Don’t be confused by the signs. This is not like the usual Sun sign astrology columns you see. Go and click onHow To Read this Column for a full explanation. To arrange a personal reading, phone her at 1-(508)-645-9292.

September is Virgo’s month. It’s a time to plan and get organized. We have been programmed to entering a higher grade as we begin the new school year in September. It works to continue that feeling and use the month to upgrade our lives.

It will be a calm month, except for a disruption when Pluto turns into direct motion on the day of the Autumnal Equinox. You’ll hit some bumpy water at that time.

Mercury starts a retrograde period on October 4. He will be retrograde until October 25. Use the days in September to make the big changes, buy the big-ticket items, and start new jobs and projects. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, September 15 – Moon in Gemini. Take care of all the short tasks on your things to do list. You won’t have the concentration to stick to anything for too long. It will feel good to get up and out and do a number of errands instead of sitting in one place all day. Your mind is sharp. Have a meeting of a book group, writing class, or a brainstorming session at work.

Tuesday, September 16 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 11:24 am. Empty your inboxes in the morning. Answer all those people you’ve put aside to write to or call at another time; this is a good time to get it done. The afternoon has gentler energy when you’ll feel what to do, rather than think it. It will feel good to stay home at night and cook a satisfying dinner.

Wednesday, September 17 – Moon in Cancer. Use your gut feelings to alert you to what’s going on with the people around you. Be ready to offer tender loving care to those who are overwhelmed with emotions. Everyone will be sensitive to wounds caused by old relationships, ones which will reappear so that they can be healed. Plant berry bushes today.

Thursday, September 18 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 2:38 pm.  Use the morning hours to go over your investments and make changes if you feel it’s the right thing to do. Harvest your vegetables and go to the farm stands to buy fruits that are in season. Make jellies, jams, and preserve and freeze as much as you can. Check on the security of your home and office.

Friday, September 19 – Moon in Leo. Today and tomorrow are lucky days. Think only in positive terms and see how that improves your life. Thought is creative so be optimistic and see how the power of thought brings good things to you. Be generous towards others and give a big donation to a charity that helps children. Have an amorous evening.

Saturday, September 20 – Moon in Leo. Forget your worries and obligations and take the kids to a place where you can play and have fun. If you don’t have kids, borrow some from a friend. Take them to a matinee at the theater. Open your heart and love everyone you see. Create a special romantic time with your beloved. Make it one you’ll always remember.

Sunday, September 21 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 11:54 am. Sleep late and enjoy lazing around in bed. You’ll feel like doing the chores once the moon changes sign. You’ll be organized and can zip through your list of things you planned to do this weekend. Mars and Neptune energize you tonight so you may have trouble sleeping if you let all kinds of ”what ifs…” run through your mind. Stay calm.