MVYLI works for cleaner beaches

MVYLI Youth Leaders: Katrina Lakis, Avery Hazell, Maisie Jarrell, Lucy Dougherty-Soares. MV Environmental Club: Emily Kleinhenz, Kelsey Moreis; MVRHS Students: Jared Livingston, Oliver Silberstein, Owen Singer. MVRHS National Honor Society: Lee Foraca, Julia Neville, Charlotte Potter, Samantha Potter, Sabrina Reppert, Michaela Rivard, Galya Walt, August Welles. MVRHS Alumni: Emerson Hazell; Oak Bluffs School Students: Lilli Ahearn, Caleb Burt, Sasha Lakis, Shelby Ponte, John Rogers, Taylor Rogers and Jusselle Wildanger; Cub Scout Pack 90 & 93: Jack & Matt Heyden, Oliver, Dan Larkosh, Linus & Dana Munn, Henry & Kurt Redfield, William Thorton; BioDiversity Works: Liz Baldwin; Tisbury Waterways: Melinda Loberg, Pamela Street, Gus Lewis; Vineyard Conservation Society: Signe Benjamin, Rob Kendall, Jean Lewellyn; Black Dog Sails: Erin Jackson, Jeanne Rogers, Sofie Suter, Betty Worlfson; and boaters. Dukes County Manager: Martina Thornton, MVRHS Science Chairperson, Natalie Munn, MVYLI Parents: Kelly Dorr Hazell, Abby Lakis, MVYLI Team: Sharon Engler, Maura Valley, Marianne Larned.

On Saturday, September 20, members of the Vineyard community, young and older, joined with hundreds of thousands of volunteers at 5,583 locations around the world for the 29th annual Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. It is the world’s largest single day volunteer effort to clean up beaches, lakes and rivers, according to a press release.

The Vineyard cleanup took place on the Vineyard Haven Harbor and was organized by MVYLI youth leader Katrina Lakis, in partnership with MVRHS Environmental Club. Every piece of trash was tracked and will be included in the annual index of global marine debris. Owen Park had the most trash. There were 4,579 pieces of trash collected. The top three items: 3,344 cigarette butts, 221 small plastic pieces, 205 food wrappers. Prizes were given for the most cigarette buts, and for an empty Crystal Head Vodka container.