Charlotte wins 26th Pat West Gaff Rig and Schooner Race

A sky full of sail at the start of the Pat West Gaff Rig race Saturday. — Photo by Angela Park-Sayles

The 26th annual Pat West Gaff Rig and Schooner Race, held on a sunny, windy day on Saturday, attracted an attractive field of 18 competitors ranging in size from 18 feet in length to 65 feet.

Nat Benjamin’s schooner Charlotte took first place for the fastest corrected time to win the Ingrid Robinson Memorial Trophy. Robert Soros’ schooner Juno received the Zeb Tilton Prize for the first schooner across the finish line. Jeff Craig’s Corineus received first place for the fastest gaff rigged sloop in corrected time.

The annual race, which honors Pat West and benefits Sail Martha’s Vineyard, was organized by race committee team members Scott DiBiaso and Nat Benjamin.

Top five results: 1. Captain Nat Benjamin, Charlotte, 13:00:00; 2. Captain Jeff Craig, Corineus, 13:02:00; 3. Captain Jeff Robinson, Phra Luang, 13:07:45; 4. Captain Skip Richheimer, Zena, 13:08:00; 5. Captain Scott DiBiaso, Juno, 13:09:00.