REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: September 22 – 26, 2014



Sept. 26, Timothy Mooney and George Whitman Casey sold 3 Attaquin Way to Barnaby and Sibel Suman for $587,500.


Sept. 26, Annaliese Kambour, trustee of Dyer Realty Trust, sold 30 Bijah’s Way to Jesse Burton for $750,000.


Sept. 22, Patricia A. Daly and Alan J. Cieto sold 34 Pilgrim Rd. to John T. and Susan Brooks Stephenson for $565,000.

Sept. 25, Benjamin L. Hall, Sr., trustee for Benjamin L. Hall, Jr. and Brian A. M. Hall, sold 60 Curtis Lane to Cynthia A. Grilli for $350,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 25, Richard C. and Julia E. Schnetke sold 104 Carol Lane to Sara Safford for $365,000.

Sept. 26, Mary W. Sullivan sold 9 Syracuse Ave. to Kenneth J. Ward and Cheyenne E. Cimeno for $348,000.

Sept. 26, Howard H. Brown, a/k/a Howard Hawkins Brown, Personal Representative of the estate of Reginald Ridgley, sold 96 Dukes County Ave. and 8 Masonic Ave. to the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank for $40,000.

Sept. 26, Elizabeth P. Sorensen sold 9 Chickawaukee St. to James M. O’Donnell for $410,000.

Sept. 26, Stephen W. and Constance Hill sold 500 County Rd. to Hunter P. Denman for $403,000.

West Tisbury

Sept. 22, Thomas P. Major and Michelle Marie Marks sold 488 Edgartown Rd. to Tara J. Whiting for $610,000.