REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: Sept. 29 – Oct. 3, 2014



Sept. 30, Paul S. Osterman and Susan E. Eckstein sold 34 Bijah’s Way to Luke Napolitan for $795,000.

Oct. 1, Robin, Leonard, and Lawrence Bell sold 62 Stonewall Rd. to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 62 Stonewall Nominee Trust, for $2,752,500.

Oct. 3, Nan J. Doty, trustee of the Brookside Realty Trust sold 489 South Rd. to Philip F. Curtin and Margaret D. Whitehouse for $765,000.


Sept. 29, David and Nancy Nachbar sold 1 Town Lot Circle to Henry I. and Karen E. Morgenbesser for $1,336,500.

Sept. 29, US Bank NA as trustee for the benefit of Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-HE3, sold 15 Twelfth St. South to Paul Natalizio and Charles Hajjar for $305,250.

Sept. 30, Joanne Carroll Homlish and Martin J. Homlish, trustees of the Joanne Carroll Homlish Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 230 Meetinghouse Way to F. Dominique LeMaire and Alison LeMaire for $1,925,000.

Sept. 30, Frances L. Clay sold 302 Chappaquiddick Rd. to John L. and Linda S. Anderson for $1,200,000.

Oct. 1, Coastal Estates LLC sold 65 Clevelandtown Rd. to Rudolph L. Johnson, Jr. and Maureen P. Johnson for $1,690,000.

Oct. 1, 40 Dark Woods LLC sold 40 Dark Woods Rd. to Eric B. Kasen for $1,200,000.

Oct. 3, Michael and Rebecca Hegarty sold 10 Jennifer Way to Tracy K. Firth for $2,450,000.

Oct. 3, Aram Onbashian, Jr. and Tracie A. Richardson, both individually and as trustees of the Ararat Realty Trust, sold 1 Orchard Lane to Vincent and Beth Laiosa for $490,000.

Oct. 3, Thomas C. Sullivan and Katherine McG. Sullivan sold 32 School House Rd. to Adam Troy Epstein, individually and as Manager of Innovation MV Properties LLC, for $1,399,750.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 30, Jules and Barbara C. Ben David sold 2 Periwinkle Lane to Michael J. and Katherine B. Gibson for $225,000.

Sept. 30, Louis B. and Barbara Johnson sold 26 Hidden Cove Rd. to Thomas J. Sullivan, trustee of the Thomas J. Sullivan Trust for $856,000.

Oct. 1, John D. Vibberts sold 22 Martha’s Park Rd. to William K. Reagan for $649,000.

Oct. 3, Jonathan Koerner sold 11 Ploughshare Lane to David L. Rider for $669,000.

Oct. 3, Kathy A. Burton and Nancy F. Phillips sold 55 Tia Anna Lane to Julie and Alan Fish for $1,450,000.


Sept. 30, Higby Vineyard LLC, f/k/a Higby/Fulton Vineyard LLC, sold 337 Golf Club Rd. to Toney E. Godrey and Virginia R. Litle for $2,400,000.

Sept. 30, Charles T. Felder sold 62 Lagoon Ave. to Julie Anne McNary for $470,000.

Sept. 30, Kate W. Sedgwick, trustee of Maltese Falcon Trust, sold 29 Mill House Way to Kenneth and Jeanne Levy-Church for $4,000,000.

Sept. 30, Simon Delekta, Personal Representative of the Mary Jane Delekta estate, sold 157 Clover Hill Dr. to Charles T. Felder for $520,000.

Oct. 3, John R. Williams, Jr. and Nancy Williams sold 56 Hatch Rd. to Richard E. Thompson, trustee of the Richard Thompson Revocable Living Trust, for $2,500,000.