Plan Ahead: Seastreak your way all over the place

Foxwoods is a good bet to start with.

The Seastreak fast ferry shown leaving New Bedford. — Photo courtesy of Seastreak

The good news is, I didn’t lose. Well, not too badly anyway. The bad news is, they’re done for the season. But more good news – they’re going to do it again next year and it’s going to be even more convenient.

On Columbus Day, a friend and I boarded the Seastreak out of Vineyard Haven at 8 am for their monthly (during the season) excursion to Foxwoods. This was such a great deal. For $45 you get round trip ferry to and from New Bedford, roundtrip bus (very comfortable) to and from Foxwoods, a $15 gambling voucher and a voucher good for a free buffet lunch (a $22.50 value). If you’re getting your first Foxwoods Reward card – which you need for the $15 gambling voucher – you also get a scratch ticket for additional gambling funds. Mine was for $5, but one of our fellow gamblers got $20. When you consider that the usual roundtrip charge just for the ferry to and from New Bedford is $70 ($60 for Island residents), this is quite the windfall.

I plied the slots and it was your typical play — 60 cents and win back a dime, except the few times I scored free spins and it brought me nearly back to even. I brought $100 to gamble and came home with $60. My friend – one of the spiritual gurus of the Island – spent most of her time at the Blackjack table. She went home $50 poorer, proving that the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work. But the buffet was huge and she, even as a vegan, found tons of stuff to eat.

This is a good, cheap, and fun day trip for year-rounders who need a break from the Island during the season. They will be starting up again in June and continuing monthly through October. According to John Silvia in the Seastreak office, it will still be $45, but will be scheduled on Saturdays instead of Fridays. And, instead of leaving from Vineyard Haven and returning to Oak Bluffs, it will be in and out of OB.

And…if you have kids…they’re adding a similar excursion to Six Flags New England.

Now, isn’t THAT good luck!

Contact the Seastreak office at 1-800-BOATRIDE (1-800-262-8743) or for details.