Celebrating the local pig

(From left) Nathan Gould, Marco Porlles, Jan Buhrman, and Lynn Sheehan deconstruct pigs at Ms. Buhrman's Airport Business Park kitchen for this Saturday's Swine and Dine tasting. — File photo by Kelsey Perrett

For those who love pork, this weekend is looking good. Island culinary personality Jan Burhman will host two porcine dining experiences at the Harbor View Hotel, collectively dubbedSwine and Dine: A Celebration of Heritage Pigs.

The event will start with an all-you-can-eat Local Smoke Outon Halloween night, Friday, October 31, featuring pulled pork sandwiches from Tim Laursen and Everett Whiting of Local Smoke. The sandwiches will be accompanied by a variety of barbeque sauces crafted by chefs from Ms. Burhman’s Porks and Knives class. Live country music will provide a backdrop for the dining experience. Bad Martha brewer Jim Carlson will pair beer to the sandwiches, and discuss Bad Martha’s production techniques.

On Saturday November 1, the second leg of Swine and Dine, The Heritage Pork Grand Gala Dinner, begins at 6:30 at the Harbor View. “The Grand Gala dinner will be six courses and three wine pairings, all under the lead of Chef Nathan Gould and his team,” Ms. Burhman said. “Chef Nate and I created a menu that celebrates all our favorite meats. We will be deciding the hors d’oeuvres as the week unfolds.”

Having completed a week of Porks and Knives instruction, Mr. Gould, along with nationally known butcher and author Kari Underly, will take the microphone at The Grand Gala to discuss cooking and cutting methods integral to that course’s curriculum. The virtues of patés and stocks, head cheeses, salumi, and other lesser-understood pork products will also be part of the discussion. “A pig is not just tenderloins and bacon,” Ms. Burhman said. “There is so much more to the animal.”

Ms. Burhman’s floor time at the gala will be spent speaking about the value and diversity of heritage pig breeds such as Berkshire, Old Spot, and Yorkshire. She will also talk about their importance to special farming communities like the Vineyard.

A third leg of Swine and Dine, local farm tours, were also offered, but these have sold out. Interested parties can contact Ms. Burhman for information regarding future tours.

Local Smoke Out: Friday, October 31, from 6 to 8 pm, $35.

Grand Gala Dinner: Saturday, November 1, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, $125. For more information, visit kitchenporch.com or harbor-view.com.