MVC needs to tackle global warming


To the Editor:

In a recent commentary published in the Vineyard Gazette (Oct. 23, “Climate change is the sum of many parts”), Elizabeth Durkee, long-time Oak Bluffs conservation agent, described the perspective she gained over many years from her work on our Island, work that made it necessary to search out the truth about global warming and what it may bring to our home in the near future. In that context, she has long focused on the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and its potential and responsibility to prioritize this reality. Now that the MVC is seeking fresh executive leadership, the hour has come for the agency to fully and publicly accept this challenge.

In her courageous commentary, Ms. Durkee states flatly that, “Climate change is the most critical issue facing the Island.” Looking at all the facts and what they indicate, no other issue fits that description. Looking at all the facets of this Island community and community members that are at risk, mentioned in her brief assessment of the challenge, Elizabeth Durkee’s suggestion that the MVC might “take the opportunity and the responsibility to lead” should be accepted now, starting with support for broad public input that contributes to a successful search process.

Chris Riger

West Tisbury