A new SSA policy?


To the Editor:

This is a copy of a question sent to the Steamship Authority. I just want all of the other people who haul livestock on the boats to be aware of this issue.

My daughter is returning home today with a horse who has been at the vet hospital since Thursday. She had no issue taking the horse off the Island on an enclosed boat. She was asked in Woods Hole if her trailer smelled because if it did they were going to take her off the boat. Is this some new policy?

This is the second time we have been asked this question in Woods Hole. Others have reported this issue too. No one seems to have a problem leaving Martha’s Vineyard on an enclosed boat with animals in a trailer. Who is finding livestock on the boats objectionable and why are they so much more important than delivering an animal as quickly as possible to one side or the other?

Jessica Burnham