REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: October 20 – 24, 2014



Oct. 20, Olivia Miles, widow and one of the beneficiaries of the estate Quentin Miles, sold her share in a lot on West Basin Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $853.92.

Oct. 22, Diane McManus Jensen sold Unit 2, 3 Aquinnah Circle, to Bruce Levkoff and Joan Goodman, trustees of JSST Realty Trust, for $445,000.


Oct. 23, Vineyard QPRT LLC sold 5 Redwing Lane to Keith L. and Deborah A. Tully for $595,000.


Oct. 20, Off Center Theatre Inc. sold 101 Fourth St. North to Justin C. Lavigne for $175,001.

Oct. 22, Thomas F. Prendergast and Ann Heron sold 13 Martha’s Rd. to Melanie Rankow Prescott for $660,000.

Oct. 24, Peter K. Behnke sold 8 Pierce Lane to Jeffrey S. and Jennifer Blecher for $1,700,000.

Oct. 24, Douglas J. Wilds sold 48 West Tisbury Rd. to Ralston Francis and Mavis Hutchinson Sinclair for $355,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 21, Earl W. and Rosemary S. Finley sold Lot 8, Tia Anna Lane to Piotr Kornalski for $265,000.


Oct. 22, Sheila A. Decosta and Diane M. Estrella sold 48 Hvoslef Way to Kim M. Baptiste for $333,333.33.

West Tisbury

Oct. 23, Mason T. Peltz, trustee of Lambert’s Cove Realty Trust, sold 285A, 279, 281 and 283 Lambert’s Cove Rd. to Sandhurst MV LLC for $3,100,000.

Oct. 24, Craig Elkind and Christine Lai sold 18 South Pond Rd. to John P. and Una M. Doddy for $1,600,000.