Edgartown selectmen agree to block parking lot for new cinema seats

Entertainment Cinemas received permission from Edgartown selectmen to block parking spaces in a town lot in order to install new theater seats. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown selectmen Monday approved a request from Entertainment Cinema owner Bob LaSala to block parts of the small public parking lot behind the Dukes County Courthouse so that work crews can deliver and install new seats at the Edgartown movie theater.

Mr. LaSala said a 73 foot truck will deliver the new seats on Wednesday morning, and will need about half the parking lot to maneuver. He said he expected delivery of the seats through the cinema’s side doors will take two to three hours. On Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. LaSala asked to block the four parking spaces in front of the Main Street Diner, so dumpsters and a metal recycling truck can use the space while the old seats are removed.

As it turned out, that plan didn’t quite work. On Wednesday the truck was blocking parking spaces on Main Street, and workers were unloading the new seats through the front door. A dumpster was installed in the back parking lot as planned.

“We plan on opening Friday, so we should have this all wrapped up by the end of the day Thursday,” Mr. LaSala told selectmen at their Monday meeting.

Edgartown police helped coordinate the delivery.

In other action, selectmen granted permission to The Wharf Pub to sell alcohol beginning at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 14, as part of their traditional celebration of the holidays, including Santa’s visit to the popular establishment.

Town administrator Pam Dolby reported progress in cleaning up the Nunnepaug Solar site, next to the Smith Hollow development.

She said dead trees have been replaced, landscaping and clearing of debris is underway, and a plan to mitigate sound coming from three large electrical inverters is progressing.

Neighbors and town officials had numerous complaints about the contractor, American Capital Energy (ACE), after the solar array was installed during the summer.

“They are being very cooperative and very professional,” said Ms. Dolby, speaking of ACE representatives who are overseeing the project. “Things are moving along.”

Also Monday, selectmen accepted the resignation of Edith “Edo” Potter from the conservation commission. Ms. Potter, of Chappaquiddick, has also served on the board of selectmen, the Edgartown planning board, and the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank, at various times during her long career in public service.