Over Vineyard Haven


While waiting to leave the Island recently I decided to fly my GoPro and quadcopter duo around Vineyard Haven harbor. I originally just wanted to capture the beauty of the harbor, but the video ended up being more about the docking of The Steamship Authority ferry Martha’s Vineyard and the freight boat Governor.  With my integrated first-person viewer system (FPV), I can see everything (standing on land) the GoPro sees as it flies around above me. I was quickly able to tell that the ferry was entering the harbor and followed it in, at a distance, as it docked.

It was very interesting to see this docking maneuver from the air because I have experienced it many times on the ferry. What started as waiting in line turned into a great little glimpse into what actually goes on at the Steamship Authority every day.

Carl Treyz, a lifelong Chappaquiddick summer resident, is a dental assistant in the process of applying to dental school. He’s also one of the founders of the EnTidaled project, which strives to connect people to conservation and sustainability efforts around the world, using engaging photos, stories, and short films. For more info on EnTidaled:entidaledproject.org. Carl Treyz last shared a quadcopter video with us in September, with his “Over Chappy” film. That can be seen at: https://www.mvtimes.com/2014/09/10/chappy/.