Heather Goff’s stylus style

Art by Heather Goff

The digital drawings of Heather Goff will be featured at the A Gallery’s holiday art show this Saturday, November 22, from 5 to 7 pm. Ms. Goff, an artist and web designer, has drawn a sketch a day and posted them to her website every day since February of 2012. Ms. Goff draws freehand, but embraces her “techy” side by using a stylus, tablet, and Painter15 software. “The ritual of drawing every evening has become a balm, a meditation, a way for me to process the day and massage something deep inside myself,” Ms. Goff writes on her website, heathergoff.me. “After a day of work and family chores, I am trying to do a drawing, just for me.”

“This sketch was inspired by a walk in Chilmark with my dogs,” Ms. Goff said of the drawing (pictured left). “It was one of those moments when you catch your breath and think ‘oh, how beautiful this scene is. I would like to try to capture it.’ The lone tree, silhouetted against the autumn colors seemed poignant and strong.”