Turkey Trot drew 250 runners

East chop families running the race together, from left, Finn Cunniffe, Jen Cunniffe, Susan Garrett, Marta van Ranst and Max and John Potter — Photo by Lisa Reagan

Thanksgiving morning’s Northeaster cleared out just in time for the annual Turkey Trot in Oak Bluffs.  Over 250 runners participated, among them many children and four-legged friends. Runners got a warm send-off from a friendly turkey.

First place went to John Hornsby, who turned in a speedy 16:49. The youngest runner among the top 20 finishers, placing 19th, was 14-year-old Rose Engler, a recent graduate of the Oak Bluffs School. The oldest person to finish within the top 20 is Karen Durante, age 63, who finished in 15th place.

Though the race was competitive, it included a true family feel, with an abundance of strollers, coordinating outfits and multiple generations competing together. The youngest registered participant was 5 year old Gabriel Bengtsson. Most senior among the pack were Stephen Bohan, Owen Nee, and “Fast Eddie,” all 71 years young and going strong.

The top 20 results follow:

1. John Hornsby, 16:49; 2. Anders Samuelson, 17:34; 3. Lucas Gubinski, 18:47; 4. Scott Bosworth, 18:49; 5. Steven Eick, 18:52; 6. Ginger Reiner, 19:34; 7. Reaan Steenkamp, 19:53; 8. Sean Semler, 20:14; 9. Brian Stevenson, 20:25; 10. David Blessington, 20:32; 11. Paul Vertefuille, 20:36; 12. Bonnie Kingsbury, 20:51; 13. Audrey Batista-Vieira, 21:04; 14. Navaldo Batista-Vieira, 21:34; 15. Karen Durante, 21:42; 16. Roger Haney, 21:48; 17. David Brenner ,22:07; 18. Dana Gaines, 22:16; 19. Rose Engler, 22:35; 20. Gary Maynard, 22:50.