Many helping hands in Oak Bluffs


To the Editor:

The tree lighting ceremony held in Oak Bluffs on Wednesday, December 3, was short and very sweet. The planning for it began in October. This traditional town gathering takes the time, talent, and commitment of many and thank-yous are in order.

This year, first and foremost, we must thank whoever stopped the rain. It was miraculous!

Equally as important is the Vineyard Brass Ensemble which performs each and every year to the delight of the audience.

Thanks are in order to Greg Coogan, Oak Bluffs selectmen chairman, for lighting the tree; to Paul Mahoney for donating it; to The Friends of Oak Bluffs for the red bows; to the Highway Department for lighting our downtown; and to Mark Crossland for all the special touches, especially the little tree in Sunset Lake (my favorite).

Thanks to the PTO for getting the word out to parents who came with their children, and donations of food for the Island Food Pantry and cookies for the kids. It was a great turnout!

Thanks to JB Blau for giving us Dreamland, a gorgeous place to celebrate, to Mike Santoro for all the hot chocolate, the hot chocolate “pourers,” Holly Alaimo, Deborah and Jim Westervelt, and Brian Weiland and his band for the best holiday tunes and joyful sounds possible.

A big thanks to the Oak Bluffs Firemen’s Civic Association for bringing the greatest Santa, causing squeals of delight from the little, ones and last, but not least, to the Oak Bluffs Association for sponsoring this truly wonderful town gathering all these many years. Happy Holidays to all!

Renee Balter

Vice President

Oak Bluffs Association