Health insurance nightmare


To the Editor:

This is in regards to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and the acceptance of certain health care insurance. My husband and I had Aetna Plus insurance. We have worked 35 years to be able to retire with this excellent plan.

We received a letter from the hospital stating that they would no longer accept Aetna Plus. Upon hearing this, we were devastated. We are both in our 70s and on a fixed income. My husband has had two operations in less than two years and our hospital bills are astronomical, due in part to the fact that we were forced into a new plan that does not fully cover our medical needs.

The only way for us to be fully covered is to move off Island, away from our home and family. We think our doctors and nurses are wonderful here and take great care of us. Shouldn’t there be a better option for retired citizens on a fixed income to be able to afford reasonable health insurance without paying so much out-of-pocket expense?

George and Susan Warren

Oak Bluffs