Martha’s Vineyard in 2015: Care to predict the future?

In 2015, the Gay Head Lighthouse will be moved further, much further, away from the cliffs. The new Lagoon bridge will catapult drivers and bicycle riders up-Island. – Cartoons by Kate Feiffer

A few predictions for the upcoming year by MV Times contributing editor Kate Feiffer.

If these predictions do come true, using the Lagoon Bridge as a trebuchet will help tourists get up-Island quickly on beach days. Surely, by moving the Gay Head Lighthouse as far as the Field Gallery, it will save us from having to move it again in a few years, when climate change raises our waters and pushes our beaches further inland…

We’d love to hear any reasonable, or even not-so-reasonable, predictions about what might happen on Martha’s Vineyard in 2015. Please send them to