Poet’s Corner: Hit and Run Fathers


In moments of lust and passion play

you strew your wild seeds into the dark open night.

They burst forth blindly, no eyes without sight,

and fused into life in their own secret way.

A Bastardly Burden, a submitting heart betrayed

as you made your cowardly flight,

no more to know the lonesome plight

of the Nestling Newness left to decay.

The beauty and pride of your creation,

marred in the ugly smear of neglect

greatly diminishes your manhood.

Through lack of love and preparation,

the price to pay, your self respect,

gone, denied by your own flesh and blood.

Maurice Young has been writing poetry since 1963, when a poem he wrote as a seventh grader, lamenting the death of President Kennedy, “Our Captain Is Gone,” won a prize and was published in the Hartford (Conn.) Courant.