REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: January 12 – 16, 2015



Jan. 13, US Bank NA, as trustee on behalf of the holders of CSAB Mortgage-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-1, the present holder of a mortgage from Barbara A. Person-Tersigni, sold by foreclosure deed 9 Cummings Way to Atlantic Shore Builders LLC for $490,000.

Jan. 14, Judith A. Draper sold 3 Swan Lane to Steven and Tamara Richter for $550,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 12, Ronald E. and Margaret Jackson sold 16 Chapman Ave. and a lot off Summerfield Park to Charles C. Hajjar, trustee of OB MV Realty Trust, for $1,400,000.

Jan. 12, Maida M. Remmer and Henry J. Remmer, 3rd, Personal Representatives of the Lois M. Remmer Estate, and Maida M. Remmer and Henry J. Remmer, 3rd, trustees of the Henry J. Remmer Revocable Trust, sold 6 Harbor Lane to Stephen and Elena Schlegel for $885,000.

Jan. 14, Philip D. and Lemlem G. McCrary sold 12 Puritan Dr. to Melissa Thomas for $477,500.


Jan. 15, Headmasters House LLC sold 1140 Main St. to Stuart and Eliza Sedwick Brunson, trustees of Nashville North Realty Trust, for $1,890,000.

Jan. 16, Diane C. Nordin and Thomas L. Keller sold 100 Connies Way to Judith A. Draper and Randall D. Perrine for $998,000.

Jan. 16, Meghan Tiernan sold 262 Franklin St. to Anita R. Smith for $315,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 13, Laurel Stavis, a/k/a Laurel R. Stavis, Personal Representative of the Eugene B. Stavis Estate, sold 8 Waldron Bottom Rd. to Joseph F. O’Donnell for $285,000.