Go Pats! Vineyard game-day rituals

Put on your game-day face, and shirt, and hat, and snacks.

Michael Snowden, Dave Rossi and Pam Dolby helped root the Patriots to victory at a recent playoff game. — Photo by Linley Dolby

Whether it is a special Mexican dip you must prepare, a beverage to be shared at exactly five minutes to kickoff, or a pair of socks you have to wear (or will never, ever wear again), game-day superstitions are nearly as important as the game itself.

In Patriots Nation, we hear Coach Bill Belichick repeat the phrase “Do your job” over and over, and even as onlookers from afar, that reminder resonates. Many of us feel that call to support our team in whatever way feels right. The neon lights will be on in my dad’s shed at 10 am on Super Bowl Sunday, my husband will be wearing a red throwback jersey, and I will have on the blue-striped — NOT red-striped — beanie with the Flying Elvis turned respectfully toward the east, as out in Arizona, our boys launch through much more rigorous preparations for the big game. So what are the rules in your house? I’ve reached out to some of our local fans for the scoop (as in “story,” not as in the Scoops! tortilla chips that absolutely have to accompany the aforementioned Mexican dip — wink, wink). Here’s what they had to say!

“Paul Moreau and I have a special portable Pats chair that comes out only for important games. It is placed in the center of the room during the game. Nobody sits in it. When there is a very important play, Paul will move to the chair. It brings Tom luck and guarantees he will make a successful pass.” —Hilary Grannis, Edgartown

“I always make chili on game day!” —Joanne Brine, Chappaquiddick

“I smoke or grill whatever our opponents are, like Ravens/wings, Colts/ribs, and of course, this week Seahawk!” —Dylan Morgan, Vineyard Haven

“I just cross my fingers and pray.” —Kate Walpole, Edgartown

“My ritual is skiing at Sunday River, three years in a row now. They have a Super Bowl party there, too!!! Go PATS!” —Stephanie Teller, Edgartown