Edgartown: Yay, Pats!!

From left, Rosie Cassidy, Dan Cassidy, Paul Roberts, John McCarron and Dan Deslauriers celebrate a Patriots touchdown during the Super Bowl at The Wharf in Edgartown. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Well, last week was basically canceled due to snow. School, activities, work, life — pretty much all things were canceled or postponed, perhaps with the exception of mass consumption of bread and milk. Luckily, there was no need for battery-operated lighting, despite the many warnings offered on our voicemail by the NSTAR robot. What a lot of snow! And that wind — I thought our whole building might collapse at certain points.

And then there are the pets who require the outside for particular relief. Social media was in a great divide during the storm between dogs who absolutely LOVE the snow and those who find the cold, fluffy white stuff and its accompanying wind a fate worse than death. While Galen Brew and Robbie Robertson were out throwing a ball for an ecstatic Neely, and Whaler Ready was happily burying himself in snowy sand dunes, TeeCee Flynn was cowering under blankets, and my own Enzo and Charlie were looking at me as if I was the meanest human alive. The basic sentiment from the K9 contingent seems to fall into two very separate camps: “Ohboyohboyohboy!!!” and “What exactly did I do to you to earn this abject torture, and if I promise I will absolutely never do it again, will you please for the love of God make all this white stuff go away?” Poor dudes.

Some people were granted their five minutes of fame during the storm, with news trucks on-Island and cable weather stations accepting photo submissions by email and text. Renee and Alissa Habekost graced the NECN weather report in front of a massive snowbank on Planting Field Way. I also saw the Harbor View Hotel on several reports. Perhaps the storm was not quite as historic as we had been warned, but it was most definitely newsworthy. It’s finally feeling like winter in New England.

Speaking of New England, what a Super Bowl! I’m pretty sure that game took years off my life. We had a small crowd of brave souls over at the Shed for an indoor-outdoor “Crock-Pahty”: four Crock-Pots boasted various delicious offerings, which we nervously nibbled through during that nail biter of a game. I’m still in slight disbelief that things ended the way they did — I mean, we thought it was over! But in true Patriots fashion, an opportunity presented itself in the eleventh hour, and our boys got it done. With games like that, we’ll need to equip the Shed with a defibrillator and oxygen masks. Holy cow! Now I suppose it’s time to pack up the hats and jerseys until next year, when this accidental football fan once again hops aboard the roller coaster ride that is New England sports. Good job, Pats! Well done. My heart is slightly the worse for wear, but phew! You certainly finished the job.

We have a new K9 Pats fan on the block this week. Welcome, Cassius! Regular column contributor Hilary Grannis has adopted a boxer puppy, who was recently rescued from Puerto Rico. I’m sure we will be receiving frequent updates on Cassius and his hijinks as he adjusts to Island living. Can’t wait to report on his opinions of snow.

For those of you who were able to escape the recent weather for warmer climes, please take a moment from your sun worship and ambrosia nibbling to share your stories, so that those of us here in the Arctic tundra can bask in the warm golden rays vicariously through you. Seriously. Tell me about your trips, friends. I just wore snowshoes to dig out a heat vent. Throw a girl a bone here.

MV Girls Hockey will be hosting their annual auction Saturday, Feb. 14, at 7 pm at the Wharf, so grab your sweetheart and go help support these talented ladies. Tons of awesome donations will be up for bidding, and yummy appetizers will be provided for your munching pleasure. Find a player and buy your tickets in advance, or else you can score them at the door.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Julianna Nevin Hagerty, who blew out her first candle Jan. 29. Hope you had a good one!

Birthday wishes go out this week to Karen Jardin and Max Sherman, who celebrate Feb. 6; to Stephanie Teller, Feb. 8; to Kelsey Berry, Feb. 9; and to Arielle Hayes, Feb. 11.